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Cosy Hands offers 1-to-1 Pregnancy, Childbirth & Post-Natal Massage sessions and our much loved 4-week Baby & Infant Massage course.

Run by a fully qualified, fully insured and FHT-regulated therapist with over two decades of experience working with parents and new babies, you can be sure to be in good hands as we help you get the best head-start on your exciting journey in parenthood! 

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Baby & Infant Massage

Touch is a human primary need, rooted in human culture. Infant massage is an age-old tradition now practiced in many countries throughout the world, with its origins in Southern India where the method was passed down from generation to generation.

Here are some of the many benefits realised through this truly wonderful experience that you can share with your child and enjoy for years to come:

Better Sleep!

A gentle massage routine every night can help your baby wind down and sleep better, even when upset – and better sleep for baby means a good night’s sleep all round!

Eased Discomfort

A perfect remedy for teething, wind & colic symptoms, massage helps babies fuss and cry less, prevents upset associated with digestion issues and calms stress & pain.

Greater Relaxation

Infant massage is a calming activity that aids relaxation for both parent and baby. If you’re feeling stressed after a difficult (and often unpredictable!) day with your little one, it’s the perfect way to unwind!

Improved Bonding

Adding massage to your regular routine helps to stimulate the production of oxytocin – often known as “the love hormone“, which helps develop a strong bond between you and your baby.

Increased Development

Massage during the early stages of development has been proven to stimulate the brain and central nervous system to help aid digestion, promote the growth of a healthy strong heart and improve mental focus.

Courses Available At

Rougemont School, Newport

Marshfield Village Hall, Cardiff


Make time for YOU.

Post-natal massage is the best gift you can give yourself after having your baby.


Off Your First Session

Post-Natal Massage

Looking after your body and mind after giving birth is equally as important as it is during pregnancy.

Enjoy the benefits of a relaxing and healing post-natal massage when you feel comfortable to do so after delivery. We know that the stresses of giving birth aren’t the same for everyone, which is why we always ensure that our sessions are tailor-made just for you.

Suited to your needs

If you can’t lie down in the prone or supine position, we can work around that by offering treatment in a seated or side-laying position.

Whether you want a light, relaxing massage, a deep-tissue treatment or just focused on a certain area, eg. head, neck, back and shoulders – we will provide a session that’s perfect for you.

Benefits both you and your baby

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Rest and recoup
  • Release harmful toxins
  • Enhanced milk production and release of hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin
  • Improved healing

Babies welcome!

Your little bundles of joy are always welcome, so feel free to bring your baby to the session!

Pregnancy Massage

Massage is something that all pregnant women should benefit from. How many changes do our bodies experience during this precious time? Muscle aches, sciatic pain, PGP, carpal tunnel and back pain just to name a few. Pregnancy massage can help to relieve some of the less desirable effects of carrying a child so you can focus on the beautiful experience that it is.

You will also have an opportunity to bring your birth partner along to a session to enable them to learn and use strokes that will help with pain relief during labour.

It is recommend that clients are at 12 weeks before commencing treatment; also if you are classed as a ‘high risk’ pregnancy you should contact us prior to booking to make sure you are suitable for massage.


“I completed October’s course in Newport and couldn’t recommend it enough. Emma is so friendly and kind, her little personal touches made the course even more enjoyable. Such a lovely way to bond with your little one and meet others too. My little boy loved being massaged and was so chilled after each session!”

“I really loved this course, I can’t say enough good things about it!
Each class is so relaxed and informal and Emma is so friendly. My baby slept for a good few hours after each session. I was nervous before taking my baby to any courses/groups but this was perfect.”
“We have just finished February’s massage course. It was fantastic. Emma taught us so much. My little boy loved every second and there was no pressure for them to behave. Such patience and care and Emma is absolutely lovely.
Really sad it’s over as had such a wonderful time and made some mummy friends.”

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